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Playing Lessons

There are several advantages to taking a playing lesson, all of which ultimately lead to a lower score. The best approach is to combine a playing lesson with a series of regular lessons, so that you can practice the necessary changes both on the range and on the course.


Why a Playing Lesson?

  • YOU might change your swing as you move from the range to the course.
  • YOU may have a fault in your swing that becomes worse on the golf course.
  • YOU may not choose the best route from the tee to the fairway or from the fairway to the green to minimize your risk.
  • YOU may indulge in outcome thinking rather than focusing on the process
  • YOU may need help learning how to effectively play shots from a bunker, long rough or uneven lies.

Playing Lesson Packages

THE LITTLE ONE – $450 $360

(1) 3-Hole Playing Lesson
(2) 60-Minute Lessons
(1) 3-Hole Playing Lesson

THE MEDIUM ONE – $725 $580

(1) 6-Hole Playing Lesson
(3) 60-Minute Lessons
(1) 6-Hole Playing Lesson

THE BIG ONE – $1175 $960

(1) 9-Hole Playing Lesson
(5) 60-Minute Lessons
(1) 9-Hole Playing Lesson

Payment Policy

Only CASH or CHECKS accepted.

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