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Bomb Deep Drives

From the January 2016 issue of Golf Magazine. 1 PUMP IT UP Rory's bulging left triceps isn't for show—it's working hard to slow down the speed of the grip. Slow down? Yep, so that the speed in the handle can transfer to the clubhead for a whip-fast impact. It happens automatically when you swing in rhythm, not out of your spikes. 2 POST AND SWIVEL Rory has freakish hip speed. [...]

Bomb Deep Drives 2017-01-07T14:56:05-06:00

Quit Hanging Shots to the Right

Check This! DRAW a circle on your right index finger, just inside your middle knuckle, as shown below. Now swing your club to the top and look at your hands— can you see the circle you drew on your our finger? What You're Looking For Once you set your right index finger at address, it must remain there throughout your swing. If you're missing greens to the right, your right [...]

Quit Hanging Shots to the Right 2017-02-24T21:36:08-06:00

Clip Your Tee

Do you tend to hit your irons either "fat" or "thin"? If you answered "yes" to this question it's because you lack a "flat spot" in your swing. What is a flat spot? I define it as a period of time in which the club-head is swinging level to the turf. You'll notice that this is one of the characteristics of great iron strikers. As a result, they take a [...]

Clip Your Tee 2017-01-07T14:52:34-06:00

Hit it Behind You

That's the swing thought for straight shots The Problem YOU'VE MOVED the ball forward in your stance and strengthened your grip, but you still slice, especially with your long irons. The Solution Rotate the clubhead from open to closed through impact. If you attempt to "square" the club at the bottom of your swing and hold it through impact, you're guaranteed to hit a slice. Your New Swing Thought At [...]

Hit it Behind You 2017-01-07T14:51:41-06:00

Make a Perfect Bunker Swing

You don't need any sand to practice it! The Problem YOU’VE heard the classic bunker advice (weight forward; float ball out on a cushion of sand) hundreds of times, but the only time you play these shots is on the course. The Solution Think of your ball in the bunker as a three-layer cake: The ball is the first layer, the sand is the second layer and the base of [...]

Make a Perfect Bunker Swing 2017-01-07T14:51:07-06:00

Punch One from a Fairway Bunker

Sometimes it's easier to roll the ball to the green than to fly it there The Situation You're in a fairway bunker, but close enough to the green that a full swing with a short iron would come out too hot and roll off the green. The Solution If the front of the green is clear of obstacles, play a punch shot that lands short of the green and works [...]

Punch One from a Fairway Bunker 2017-01-07T14:49:41-06:00

Stop Pushing Your Irons

 The brim of your cap will help you make pure contact This Story is for you if... • Your most common mis-hit is a weak flare to the right. • You don't feel balanced at the end of your swing. The Fault You try to correct your outside-in swing by dropping your eyes to the inside of the ball. When you do that, the top of your head tilts to the right, [...]

Stop Pushing Your Irons 2017-02-24T21:36:47-06:00

Semi-Buried Lie

Hinge your wrists and then hold them to dig your ball out. The Situation Your ball is half-buried in a greenside bunker. From this lie, the ball will fly relatively low and run out when it hits the green. A high bunker lip will make this shot even tougher. The Solution The key to hitting this shot is to create a downward angle of attack. You need to hinge your [...]

Semi-Buried Lie 2017-02-24T21:37:15-06:00

Shave Strokes with a Better Grip

KEY Taking your grip with your hands facing up encourages you to place the handle in your palms instead of your fingers. Turn your palms down-like you're gripping a basketball-for a better hold and swing. Watch the Video Let a basketball teach you to hit it longer and straighterTHIS STORY IS FOR YOU IF... 1. YOU DON'T FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR GRIP 2. YOU HOLD THE CLUB TOO MUCH IN [...]

Shave Strokes with a Better Grip 2017-01-07T14:46:40-06:00

Use Better Posture for Longer, Straighter Drives

 From the January 2010 Issue of Golf Magazine "Ask The Top 100" I have problems driving the ball consistently. Is my grip or stance causing this problem, or do I have to analyze my entire swing? -James M., Dallas, TX You may be sabotaging yourself before you even take your backswing because your setup is off. The left photo, above, shows what I call a "question-mark" setup. My body is [...]

Use Better Posture for Longer, Straighter Drives 2017-01-07T14:45:35-06:00
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