Clip Your Tee

Do you tend to hit your irons either “fat” or “thin”? If you answered “yes” to this question it’s because you lack a “flat spot” in your swing.

What is a flat spot? I define it as a period of time in which the club-head is swinging level to the turf.

You’ll notice that this is one of the characteristics of great iron strikers. As a result, they take a “razor-divot” which is shallow and even from heel to toe.

How can you develop a flat spot in your swing? Here is a simple drill that will automatically improve your iron play. Barely place a tee in the ground and address it as if you were preparing to hit a ball–then practice clipping it out of the ground. If your swing is level through the hitting area the tee will exit the turf spinning end over end. If the tee is still in the ground but pushed over, or if you hit the turf behind the ball, you’ve failed to create a flat spot.

As you improve there are different levels to this drill. As you get better at consistently clipping the tee you can continue to lower it until it is barely sticking out of the ground. Additionally you can test your skill by lining up three tees in a row approximately an inch apart and clip them all—this is the ultimate test of your skill.

The final step is to transfer this new skill to hitting a ball. Just pretend that the ball is the middle tee and swing through the two other imaginary points and you’ll be on your way to consistently striking better iron shots and taking razor divots just like the pros.

Rod Lidenberg