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Bomb Deep Drives

From the January 2016 issue of Golf Magazine. 1 PUMP IT UP Rory's bulging left triceps isn't for show—it's working [...]

Quit Hanging Shots to the Right

Check This! DRAW a circle on your right index finger, just inside your middle knuckle, as shown below. Now swing [...]

Clip Your Tee

Do you tend to hit your irons either "fat" or "thin"? If you answered "yes" to this question it's because [...]

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Hit it Behind You

That's the swing thought for straight shots The Problem YOU'VE MOVED the ball forward in your stance and strengthened your [...]

Make a Perfect Bunker Swing

You don't need any sand to practice it! The Problem YOU’VE heard the classic bunker advice (weight forward; float ball [...]

Punch One from a Fairway Bunker

Sometimes it's easier to roll the ball to the green than to fly it there The Situation You're in a [...]

Stop Pushing Your Irons

 The brim of your cap will help you make pure contact This Story is for you if... • Your most common [...]

Semi-Buried Lie

Hinge your wrists and then hold them to dig your ball out. The Situation Your ball is half-buried in a [...]

Shave Strokes with a Better Grip

KEY Taking your grip with your hands facing up encourages you to place the handle in your palms instead of [...]

Use Better Posture for Longer, Straighter Drives

 From the January 2010 Issue of Golf Magazine "Ask The Top 100" I have problems driving the ball consistently. Is [...]

How to Catch it on the Sweet Spot

From the July 2012 Issue of Golf Magazine "Ask The Top 100" An Extra Club Gives you Better Balance in [...]

Try the Straight-Shot Finger Grip

From the May 2012 Issue of Golf Magazine "Ask The Top 100" A Slight Hold Adjustment Stops You From Collapsing [...]

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Medicine for your Drives

From the September 2012 Issue of Golf Magazine "Ask The Top 100" A simple drill to improve your posture and [...]

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