Hit it Behind You

That’s the swing thought for straight shots

The Problem

YOU’VE MOVED the ball forward in your stance and strengthened your grip, but you still slice, especially with your long irons.

The Solution

Rotate the clubhead from open to closed through impact. If you attempt to “square” the club at the bottom of your swing and hold it through impact, you’re guaranteed to hit a slice.

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Your New Swing Thought

At address, imagine a tall fence behind you and ask yourself, “How would I hit the ball over the fence?” You’d have to whip your right hand over your left through the hitting zone to have any chance. This simple swing thought puts you in the habit of properly rotating the club through impact and into your release (or you’ll never get it over the fence). Remember, the only time you want the clubface square to the target line is at impact. Keep thinking of hitting the ball over the fence and you’ll learn how to release the club and start hitting straight shots.

Rod Lidenberg