Make a Perfect Bunker Swing

You don’t need any sand to practice it!

The Problem

YOU’VE heard the classic bunker advice (weight forward; float ball out on a cushion of sand) hundreds of times, but the only time you play these shots is on the course.

The Solution

Think of your ball in the bunker as a three-layer cake: The ball is the first layer, the sand is the second layer and the base of the bunker is the third. The trick is to cut the second layer out without touching the first or third.

pga professional
The Drill

Place a ball on a tee, as high as if you were going to hit your driver. Take your address position with your sand wedge and open the clubface. Now make your regular bunker swing and try to hit the tee away so the ball just drops at your feet [see photo above].

Why It Works: This drill forces you to keep the club level to the ground on both sides of the ball. If you hit the ball, you’re probably attempting to hit up too much. Once you get good at this, try teeing the ball lower. This will his help you make contact with the sand closer to the ball, which allows you to nip it and put extra spin on it.   GOLF.COM   July 2008 GOLF MAGAZINE

Rod Lidenberg