Medicine for your Drives

From the September 2012 Issue of Golf Magazine
“Ask The Top 100”

A simple drill to improve your posture and your power

You lose your spine angle as you swing through impact, and it’s costing you distance

The Problem
You don’t hit your dirves as long as you’d like because you have a major power leak: when you swing down through the impact zone you stand up and lose the spine angle you set at address. Moving this way drains most of your swing’s energy before you’re able to transfer it to the ball at impact, and you also force yourself to rely heavily on tricky timing mechanisms.

The Solution
The best way to learn to maintain your posture is to practice with a medicine ball, either at home or in the gym (even a five-pound ball will work wonders). The exercise below will both teach you the correct feel of a powerful driver swing and strengthen your core muscles at the same time.

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Step 1: Get into your address position, taking note of the forward tilt of your spine. This is the same angle you want to maintain through your entire swing and into the early stages of your follow-through.

Step 2: Place your hands on the medicine ball with your right hand slighlty lower than your left to properly simulate your grip.

Step 3: Contract your stomach muscles and make an abbrevieated backswing, bringing the medicine all back with the coiling of your hips and shoulders. When you reach the top, reverse direction using your knees and hips, not your arm muscles.

Step 4: At the last second before impact allow the energy you’ve built up to pass through your arms, hands and wrists into the medicine ball while rotating your chest over your front foot.

Step 5: Release the ball with right-to-left spin to simulate a draw, or left-to-right spin to simulate a fade. Regardless, strive to maintain your original address posture.

Rod Lidenberg