Quit Hanging Shots to the Right

Check This!

DRAW a circle on your right index finger, just inside your middle knuckle, as shown below. Now swing your club to the top and look at your hands— can you see the circle you drew on your our finger?

What You’re Looking For

Once you set your right index finger at address, it must remain there throughout your swing. If you’re missing greens to the right, your right index finger is turning under the shaft, which is opening the clubface.

How to Fix Your our Misses

Make slow-motion swings and check the critical points where your right index finger should hold its position: Your takeaway (if your forearms tend to roll open in the first 24 inches of your backswing); your hands at hip height; and your hands at shoulder height. Check these spots in your downswing, too. You should always be able to see the circle. If you can’t, roll your forearms back to the left until the circle reappears.

Post by Rod Lidenberg – Golf Instructor Minnesota