Semi-Buried Lie

Hinge your wrists and then hold them to dig your ball out.

The Situation

Your ball is half-buried in a greenside bunker. From this lie, the ball will fly relatively low and run out when it hits the green. A high bunker lip will make this shot even tougher.

The Solution

The key to hitting this shot is to create a downward angle of attack. You need to hinge your wrists in your backswing and keep them firm at impact to dig the club into the sand.

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How To Do It

Step 1

Grab your sand wedge and set up with the ball back toward your right foot and the shaft angled forward.

Step 2

Take a narrow stance, which gets your weight on your left side, and pinch in your knees. Check that your sternum is in front of the ball, and your clubface is square to help you dig into the sand.

Step 3

Make a hinge-and-hold swing, hinging your wrists on the backswing and holding them firm on contact. You don’t want to have any play at all with your wrists and hands to preserve that downward angle of attack you’ve achieved.

Step 4

Make a fairly aggressive swing and try to enter the sand as close to the ball as you can, as if you’re hitting them both at the same time. And don’t make your normal follow-through. you should feel like you’re leaving the club in the sand and all the energy of your swing has gone toward digging the ball out.

Post by Rod Lidenberg – Minneapolis golf lessons