Try the Straight-Shot Finger Grip

From the May 2012 Issue of Golf Magazine
“Ask The Top 100”

A Slight Hold Adjustment Stops You From Collapsing At The Top

You slice, but you knew that already
Instead of wrapping your right index finger around the handle when you take your hold, point it straight down the right side of the grip and press it tightly against the handle.

What It Does
This seemingly insignificant grip adjustment makes it almost impossible for your swing to break down at the end of your backswing – an all-too-common mistake among slicers. Usually the breakdown occurs because you overswing or your grip isn’t sound enough to stop your right wrist from collapsing at the top. You know this is your problem if the shaft drops below the ideal plane at the end of your backswing, with the clubhead pointing way left of your intended target.

Try this grip the next time you’re at the range and see if it doesn’t immediately stop your collapse and solidify your top position. Make sure to keep pressure from your right index finger on the handle the whole way. When you’re on plane at the top, you have a very good chance of being on plane at the bottom, and less likely to cut across the ball and hit a slice.

NO! Breaking down at the top like
this is a surefire way to hit a slice.

YES! Use the finger grip to solidify your top position
and increase the likelihood of solid contact.
Rod Lidenberg